ERE admitted

This week the could has been informed by the Canarian social security department that the ERE (compulsory redundancies) have been accepted. This leaves 10 members of staff including player Antonio Hidalgo on the dole. There are staff members on the training team who have worked for the club for over 30 years. As this was due to a financial crisis the employees will only receive twenty days pay for every year they have worked up to 12 years. Club lawyer Ángel Fernández Carrillo, stated yesterday that this was the only way they could have "saved the club". This was the easiest way that the "least damage was done" and a way "to defend the 31,000 share holders, fans and an institution whose survival is in play". Antonio Hidalgo yesterday was interviewed and said goodbye to the fans. For me he was a player who always made an effort. I was sad to see him go last time he played for CD Tenerife and am sad this time too. It is a bittersweet sadness as I don't feel his performance was what we hoped for but he was never a player who didn't try. Just this time around he couldn't make a difference. For me he will always be a blanquiazul. Players interviewed yesterday were newest arrival Chechu Flores who still hasn't played. He commented on the fans, "I have seen that CD Tenerife has a tremendous fan base and we need to make the most of this. There will be good moments and bad ones but we are all on the same side and together our objectives will be easier to achieve". When asked about the league so far the Catalan stated "the balance is positive and the team can still give amuch more. Lets see just what can be done in the coming games". Sergio Aragoneses was the second player in front of the press. He coincided in the thought that the season has been positive so far and added, "we need to keep adding points and if possible add them in threes. We need to gain confidence and correct our mistakes". The keeper from Galicia continued, " we need to improve every Sunday and try not to make mistakes, not to receive goals and make the most of our virtues. This have to be the main points". he finished.

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