3rd busiest stadium in primera.

The calculation is made in percentage terms as the stadiums are all of different sizes but CD Tenerife's stadium is the third busiest behind Real Madrid and Sevilla. They have 94% and 90 % respectively and Tenerife has 88% a figure to be proud of. The stands are full of singing, cheering fans. The lowest figures re Juegos del Mediterraneo - Almeria at 40%, Riazor - La Coruna at 44% and La Romareda - Zaragoza at 60%.

A great side story came up in The AS newspaper this morning. Marc Bertran had asked Raul Gonzalez the long time Real Madrid player if they could change shirts during the game and after paly had finished the palyer came to the CD Tenerife changing room to bring the shirt to the players for them to pass it on. It is a very nice thing to remember and take the time so Marc could have the shirt even though he wasn't on the field due to his injuries at the end of play.

Roman Martinez who was interviewed yesterday after he had been banned for the next game against Español ( a game that he couldn't play anyway due to his contract, Español being his real team. He is on loan to CD Tenerife this year.) He commented that the team are making mistakes due to being inxpert at the level they were playing. He stated the mistakes are the sort that any team in the Primera, the Spanish first division will take advantage of and convert into goals. He felt that they needed to be more careful but not worry as they were playing well with only small mistakes.

The cup games are played over the next days with the next draw being held in Las Rozas at 11.00 on Friday morning. Ternerife will be in the next round and it will be interesting to see who they are playing. The club hasn't commented yet what is happening with the season ticket holders seats. I guess they are waiting to see who CD Tenerife draws to see if they charge extra or not.

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