CD Tenerife 1 - 0 Xerez

I missed the first 30 mins as we managed to leave our season tickets at home and my other half went home to get them. Sat outside the agates waiting for him to get back. I was amazed at how many people are actually late. The queues were still 30 deep as the kick off whistle went and people were arriving for about 20 mins after that.

A win was needed and this is what the team provided. Xerez seemed to be playing for a 0-0 draw and didn't have a shot at goal in the first half. CD Tenerife had the possession and the ball very much under their control. There were shots at goal but the team were anxious and somewhat slow. The first chance came from Roman in the 4th minute with a hit on the post. Nino had a couple of chances with passes from Kome and Juanlu.
In the second half the oposing team changed Orellana in and he was quicker with more chances for a counter attack for the team from Jerez. Mario Bermejo had a shot at goal but it was saved by Aragoneses. The game seemed more broken at this moment but then came the goal from Tenerife. Omar passed the ball to the centre and Alfaro headed it into the net. After the goal and with the pressure taken off CD Tenerife played their best game. There was a possible penalty by leandro on angel but the ref didn't call it. Xerez teied to recover thier position but even with the keeper ruching to place the ball they had no chance.

Sergio Aragoneses; Aitor Núñez, Manolo Martínez, Pablo Sicilia, Bellvis (Omar, 60’); Mikel Alonso, Román Martínez; Juanlu Hens, Alfaro (Richi, 86’), Kome (Ángel, 71’) y Nino.

Renan; Leandro, Aythami, David Prieto; Francis, Moreno (Abel Gómez, 77’), Bergantiños, Armenteros; Viqueira; Mario Bermejo (Antoñito, 67’) y Carlos Calvo (Orellana, 55’).

Carlos Clos Gómez, from Aragon. Yellow card for CDT player Román Martínez (23’), and for the visitors Armenteros (75’).
(73’) Alfaro, header from a shot by Omar.


Eighth round of the Primera BBVA Leaguge. Stadium Heliodoro Rodríguez López. 17.754 spectators in the stadium. Hot afternoon. Ground was in perfect condition. Before the start there was an honor free kick by Domingo Barrera Corpas, a boxer from Candelaria, known as “El Ciclón del Atlántico”. He was Canarian champion, Spanish champion, Olímpic champion in Tokyo in 1964 and fought twice for the world title.

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