In an Interview after the game Jose Luis Oltra said " We knew Deportivo were an organised team and they had the last 2 games not received a goal. They are a solid group who hadn't received a goal. In the first half we had chances to score but in the second half we played more with our hearts than our heads and were less dangerous. We were not fluid and couldn't equalise. They won with very little effort, just the one play".

This was the first game lost at home this season. A game where we didn't play particularly well. Certainly not the way we have played in other games. When asked about the players changed after half time. He stated " I changed the players at more or less the same time because we were 0-1 down. It is true that I changed Omar and Dinei within 4 minutes of each other but then I saw now change in the play and then I decided to make another change risking a bit more. Sometimes change works and sometimes not. That is football"

He then continued, " In the first half we couldn't score, the ball came all the way to the goal but their defence were there and the players couldn't come through. We didn't get a rhythm going and were not consistent. In the second half their changes also influenced play. Perhaps we were not at our best football but I am not unhappy with the way the team played. I would like to send my congratulations to Depo. Now we need to think about the next game. I am grateful to the fans but we all knew this would be a year to suffer. We are all angry when we lose and more so a game where we really didn't deserve to. Nethertheless to talk of fair or not fair isn't football. You just have to go on, now we need to have confidence in the team and trust that goals will come.

The team members comments included:
Richi who commented that the team had played well in general in the first half but after the goal in the second half they were not so controlled.

Aitor Nuñez
discussed the fact it was the first loss at home, he then commented on the fact the trainer always plays to win and often takes off defenders to put on more forwards. When asked about himself he replied that"I am happy to keep playing minutes though you never go home happy after a loss"

Finally Mikel Alonso spoke saying " This was the first loss at home and hurts more as we are not used to losing here. We were not lucky. The worst thing is after the goal we had the feeling that we could come back but their defenders stood back. We were around the goal area but couldn't come through"

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