Manolo Martinez scan results

Manolo Martinez stated that the scan which was done yesterday shows that he is recuperating well. His hope is to be fit to play in Barcelona against Espanyol.

Marc Bertran is continuing with absolute rest. His leg needs to be immobilised. He stated that he was grateful for all the support from the club, his team mates and the fans.

Yesterday after training the players went on a visit to the water bottling plant Fuente Alta. The company is one of CDT's sponsors. Jose Luis Oltra and the players saw how the water is teated and bottled in the mountains above Vilaflor. After the visit they had lunch in a hotel in Vilaflor before heading back to Santa Cruz.

Ayoze has announced to the AS newspaper that if he doesn't play then he feels obliged to look elsewhere. He stated that at 23 years old a player needs to count on playing and growing as a professional.. he lamented that for the team to be in the first division and only have played 23 minutes in the 6 games played so far seemed unfair. He also commented that he seemed to have moved down in the list of reserves with Omar, Dinei and Angel coming above him. His contact finishes in June but he talked of either going then or in the winter break.

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