Fan club meeting

Yesterday afternoon the fan clubs met with representatives from CD Tenerife. The meeting lasted one and a half hours and the club anounced it was very satisfactory. It was held in the press area of the stadium which you can see in the photos below. This was the forth meeting of its type since Miguel Concepción became president. Representatives from the club included Antonio Padrón the representative to the Peñas (fan clubs. Representatives from the fan clubs included member from Sentimiento Blanquiazul, Salamanca, Zoneros, Puntera, Armada Sur, Teguestera, Instinto Blanquiazul, Guayota, Boca Chinyero, Colombina (La Gomera) Tenerife Acentejo, Brigadas Tinerfeñas, Reina de Anaga & Frente Blanquiazul.
The club announced on their website that the meeting was constructive. The fan clubs websites tell a different story. There was apparently nothing agreed or promised to the fans. All the club could say was "Okay, we will take that into account."

The Zoneros put up a communication on their website which states the following points:

1.- This meeting was not set up to solve the necesities and problems of the fan clubs because the club had nothing to tell their assistants neither was the club ready to listen to us.
2.- This fan club condemns the treatment of some of the club staff by other fan clubs such behaviour we disapprove of and do not accept.
3.- This fan club was born and exists exclusively to support CD Tenerife and we expect nothing form the club. We understand that the club has no intention to do anything for the fan clubs, we don't know why this meeting was held but we have no intention of attending future meetings held by the club.
4. This fan club doesn't understand why there is a representative for the fan clubs in the club as this person although we value his willingness he doesn't have time due to work commitments to meet with the fan clubs.
Lastly we reject the 3 invitations we have been offered and ask that they be given to the ARMADA SUR fan club who after 15 years of never missing a game in the stadium now have trouble to the stadium for difficulties outside their control. We can not solve their problems but wish to show solidarity with them.
The Zoneros are very sorry that the club has changed its treatment radically towards the fan clubs since going up to the first division but would like to remember what we are here for which is CD Tenerife. We will continue supporting at each game from the stand as we always have and financing all our activities for our members ourselves without receiving any outside finance.
Tenerife hasta la Muerte.

The Peña Tenerife Acentejo have stated:

-The peña Tenerife Acentejo shows total solidarity and support will each and every fan club in CD Tenerife wheteher they were at the meeting or not, we would like to state that we are available for collaboration in any positive initiative which will help and support the fan clubs
-That having been for the first time to this sort of meeting , it has been a good point of contact and exchange of ideas with the other fan clubs and their supporters. We were surprised by the disagreement with the present position of the club and the fan clubs. They feel there is no clear plan and that they are not supported in a fashion they feel they should be. We hope that if we work together and above all the club works with the fan clubs that things will improve.
-That we will continue supporting the club with more force and hope this support will bring in return more support from the club.

Always with CDT, Peña Tenerife Acentejo

The fan club Instinto Blanquiazul
have stated on their website:

Even though the club has stated that the meeting was satisfactory the meeting between The representative Antonio Padrón,and the manager, Juan Amador, the fan club Instinto Blanquiazul feels the meeting was not productive and server for us at least to distance us from the managers of the club itself.

To the meeting went representatives from the following fan clubs: Sentimiento Blanquiazul, Salamanca, Zoneros, Puntera, Armada Sur, Teguestera, Instinto Blanquiazul, Guayota, Boca Chinyero, Colombina (La Gomera) Tenerife Acentejo, Brigadas Tinerfeñas, Reina de Anaga & Frente Blanquiazul.

We personally feel ashamed by the attitude adopted by the representative of the club especially Juan Amador when dealing with the requests from the fan clubs. The excuse "lack of communication" even if Antonio Padrón asks for forgiveness at the moment of dealing with different colleagues from the other fan clubs. We haven't been considered for months which is especially disappointing since we are now in the first division and only last season the club was given the title of "Jugador nº12" for the best fans in a notional competition.
Although we would like to congratulate the intentions of delegate Antonio Padrón,as well as any solution to a particular problem he may find we would like that the clubs comments don't remain just that. We want that the club succeeds and the relationship between the club and the fan clubs strengthen which to our point of view is not happening, we actually see there has been a distancing from various of the collective groups since the meeting.
As Antonio Padrón stated in the Club website: as we have announced on the website "we need to listen to the voice of the fans." As such we made suggestions for the animation of the team as the colouring of the stadium which could be realised at a reasonable price. Our second suggestion was that there was a consistent rule for cession of season tickets, to help fill the stadium to sell more seats and that the fans were able to get seats that would be unavailable. The reaction form the club offended us. Given the such attitudes we will have to seriously consider whether we will attend any future 3 monthly meetings

Even so we would like to restate that we will carry on being loyal to the club, supporting animating and defending the colours: by realising various activities which favor the blueandwhite interests. With the only aim being to to fight for the colours. Always with CD Tenerife

I read comments from the Armada Sur president, which you can read on their forum. Which were not any where near as negative as the comments from these other Fan clubs.
It is a terrible shame that there is this division between the fan clubs and the management of the team. All want the same thing for the team to do well and the fans to support the team but how to achieve these aims seems to be poles apart. Maybe one good thing will come form the meeting is the support between the fan clubs themselves.

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