Training before Xerez

At the end of today's training Head coach jose Luis Oltra gave the list of the playrs called up for tomorrows game. They are: Sergio Aragoneses, Luis García, Aitor Núñez, Pablo Sicilia, Ezequiel Luna, Manolo Martínez, Bellvís, Ayoze, Kome, Omar, Juanlu, Nino, Ángel, Richi, Román, Mikel Alonso, Alfaro y Dinei.
Missing from the last list are Culebras y Saizar, returning Manolo Martínez from injury and Román form 5 yellow cards and contract details..

They trained this morning for 1 hour and 40 mins After warming up the team practised specific plays and then played a game in a smaller space. On Friday the team trained in the Heliodoro Lopez, the president of the Armada Sur was in the stadium buying tickets and stopped to watch. He said that Nino was practising shots at goal long after the rest of the players were gone so hopefully we will see as good a goal as we saw the last time CD Tenerife played against Xerez.

This coming Sunday the new gates ordered at the end of the last season as part of the work that needed doing for the stadium to be aproved for use for the first division have been installed and will go into action. Thus far the gates are in Herradura Baja, San Sebastian baja and gate 25 in San Sebastian. I think the gate 25 is mentioned separately as this is where the boxes are.

The grat thing with these gates is that the visitors themselves actually get to pass their ticket or season ticket across a reader which should make the entrace of the fansmuch quicker. This system is in use in many stadiums across the frist division.

The gates will be open from 14.30 so that the fans in genmeral and particularly the mentioned gates will have access without any rush or panic to their seats before the game starts.

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