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Well I have to say we lost against Español on Sunday. I was at a baptism and didn't get to watch the game but at least we managed the first away goal and Alfaro managed to score so perhaps we are movong in the right direction
Sundays game is against Xerez. If last years seasons home game is anything to go by this should be a battle of wills. Tickets for the match will go on sale on Thursday.

Quotes from the trainer after last weekends game include "Our rival was more effective than us. We knew that Español was a class team. We need to be more careful with counter attacks. There is nothing else to de but carry on. Everytime you score and don't win the result seems bad. On the positive side we scored away. there are things about our game which need polising. We are being punished for our errors." and finally " we need to gain points away."

Pablo Sicilia said yesterday in an interview that the priority needs to be the direct rival ie Xerez. That doesn't make it different from any other game. We know we need to be strong at home. He also commented how comfortable he felt in the left side. "As well as being a defensive position I could also go forward to give the game everything"

The club has again asked the federation for equality for the times of the games. Every other team gets to play at 5pm but here in the Canaries where it is hottest thsy have to play at 4pm. I am afraid it is not until a player has sunstroke or worse that anything will be changed.

Training for the rest of the week includes:

Thursday 10:00 Heliodoro Training
Friday 10:00 El Mundialito Training
Friday - El Mundialito press conference JL Oltra
Saturday 10:00 Heliodoro Training
Saturday - - List of players for Sunday
Sunday 16:00 Heliodoro CD Tenerife-Xerez CD

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