Comments from the players after the 3-0

Interviews with the players after Sundays come back from 3-0 to 3-3

Ricardo - After the 3-0 no one thought about a draw but we shouldn't have given away so much. We need to play well from the begining. We could have won this game, They started very strong especially after the start of the second half. Games last 90 minutes. It was time we scored a point away. To score in stadiums like this is important

- It was a shame that we missed that last chance, I had a chance to win the game. Definatively it was a good point especially after how the game played out. The team needed a game like this. We started badly and it is always difficult to come back with a 3-0 in the first division.

- After the 3-0 the team found some courage and went for the game. We gained a point in a difficult stadium. In the second half we demonstrated that we were superior. We did a great job. We are greatful for the support from the fans. I wnt to send support ton Chema Sanz. We go home from here happy. Now a rest day and then we need to think about the next game.

Bellvis - The point was important for us because we managed to come back and score the 3 goals something which seemed very difficult 15 minutes into the second half. The team went of and gave it their all and has managed a deserved draw. The game got very ugly but they made their mistakes and we made the most of them. Now with this point we need to do well at the weekend winning against Sporting at home.

- The team played for their honor and achieved an important point. With the 3-0 it seemed almost impossible to achieve a draw for this game but we went for it. We have potential and today we have shown again what we can do. I belive the fair result was a draw. Now we need to win against Sporting and I ask the fans to support us to make the Helidoro into a fort.

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