Getafe - a great weekend.

The weekend started out on Saturday morning with a 40 minute delay in TFS but then we were on our way. We arrived in Madrid and took the underground to the hotel. At that point the boys went to see the Rayo Vallecano game and we went to the Reina sofia Museum. Just because we are football fans doen't mean we can't like art. 4 hours later we drifted back to the hotel and met the others.
We were warm and they were freezing. We all then went to Sol in the sentre of Madrid to .... watch more football in a great Irish sports bar. Barcelona won and then hunger struck. Kebabs for most of us, there is a photo of a horse in the restaurant but I am sure they were lamb. After this the brave went on to a rock bar and the rest of us headed back to the hotel.
Sunday was game day but the morning was full of adventure, more art, shopping and something to eat. Madrid is full of bars where tapas really come free with every drink.

Then it was time, Metro to Atorcha then the train to Getafe. As we get out there is no one to be seen. Is this like the scene from the warriors where all the gangs are hiding to attack us or is there just no one here. Desolate it was and we bought our tickets safe and sound. 40 euros seemed expensive for behind the goal but what can you do!!!!!!!
A bar was found and we chatted to others from the Tegueste fan club. 2 or 3 drinks later it was time to brave the cold and cold it was.
The first half was ok. Getafe scored but we were playing reasonably. The second half saw another mistake and Getafe made the most of it and scored again followed by a lucky goal for us from Juanlu. But our play wasn't good in the second half. There were mistakes and it was cold. The general comented after the game it could have been worse but I am not sure how, still next week is another chance.
More drinks and an early night were due as a 4am taxi to the airport was on the cards for Monday first thing. Some were going straight to work luckily not me this time. I had a great time and look forward to another trip next year. Thanks General for organising this.

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