New Years wish

Miguel Concepción expressed his wish for 2010 as the need for CD Tenerife to stay in the first division. In an interview on Monday to Radio El Dia he took the time to describe the state of events in the club.
" If you look at the balance of the year the highlight has been our return to the first division. I never expected the support from the fans this was unbeliveable. I have constantly been overwhelmed although I have tried to keep this under control."
When asked about the future he stated he had confidence in the team, That CD Tenerife had good players even with those injured, the team was playing well. When he was asked about the posibility of signing more players in the winter he commented that there were player in the clubs ecconomic possibilities. In relation with the outstanding debts he mentioned the club has managed to reduce the debt by 50 %, that the lubs accounts were being managed efficiently.
His last comments were for Hector trnasmiting the clubs condolences and support to the player and his family.

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