Message from the Armada Sur Fan Club President.

The various Fan Clubs and Animation groups of CD Tenerife are calling on all supporters to give our team the maximum support next Sunday in the game against Sporting Gijon.

Now is the time for everyone to unite and support the players, next Sunday three very important points are in play and between everyone we must make sure that the points do not leave The Heliodoro Stadium.
Only 5 months ago practically all the players from this actual squad were welcomed back to the Island like authentic hero`s for taking us back to the Primera League. We all know that many other teams in the league are spending huge amounts of money on signings which we simply cannot do.
Tenerife is a modest club so we need to fill this void with our enthusiasm from the terraces and encourage the team who are without doubt giving 100% in every game. Let us not forget that not so long ago the dressing room was filled with mercenaries that did not care for the fortunes of CDT. For that reason we insist that the support is constant and the Island of Tenerife can always be represented at the highest level. We would also like to take this opportunity to express our anger regarding the match kick off times set by the LFP (Spanish Football League).
We ask for equality with the rest of the teams in Spain as they play at 5pm and we are forced to play at 4pm. The Canarian hour differance is not be respected. We hope the authorities will take note of this circumstance and in future permit that CD Tenerife may play their matches at a later hour. If they fail to do so the various fan clubs of CD Tenerife will organise various colective protests.

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