Interviews with the players after the Sporting game

The following comments were on the club website after the Sporting game yesterday afternoon. Interestingly they are all local players this week.

Pablo Sicilia: "This victory is very important. Another three points gives us a great boost.The team achieved this with the support of the fans. Sporting scored from a lone play but we then controlled the game. We demonstrated that we wanted the win and is fair that we won. We now have 14 points which we earned by playing well but we need to continue along the same line. We need to play well against Getafe".

Omar: " The first half was more difficult, but in the second part we were much better and managed a win. We are very happy with the support form the fans. Their goal came very early and that is never good but we carried on fighting. As for me personally I need to continue working hard and playing the best I can. Our goal is to continue adding points”.

Ayoze: “We have shown we can work hard together to get things done. The support from the fans was a factor in our win. We need to concentrate on how we play not on how the others play. The point form last week was important and more so if we added to the win today. The last game gave us loads of umph as to come back form 3-0 to 3-3 is hard”.

Ángel: “These were 3 important points above all as we came form an away draw. We have come back in a good game. I had a chance for a goal but it didn't go in. Even then I am pleased with the way the game went. The goal against Valladolid has given me more confidence. The team finished today happy with the result”.

Ricardo: “It was a fair victory because we managed to fight our way back from the 0-1. They scored from an isolated play but CD Tenerife was dominating for most of the game. With the goal the idea was to finish the play. I think it hit someone and that confused Juan Pablo. This championship is very long and we need to keep up the fight, that said we are doing ok”.

Héctor: “I finished up very tired after so much time withour playing. I was concentrated all eek on training, but the trainer is the one who makes the final decisions. Now I need o keep training as usual. The applause from the public at the end was euphoric and gave us a great boost. The fans were unbeliveable and that led us to win”.

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