Last session of the year

Today the last session of 2009 Jose Luis Oltra will decide which players he is taking to Santander with him. The players will be travelling tomorrow so I guess there will be no late party for them tonight. We wish them all a Happy New Year and send thanks for the joy they have bought us all this year. And the wish that next year they will bring us as much joy by working for us to stay in the First Division.

Yesterday Míkel Alonso was interviewed by the press. His comments included the thought that the players know the need to gain 3 points in Santander. " At home the results are good but we still need to work on the away points. It would be a good game to have the 3 points to bring home."
He continued that they have a good chance against Racing, that they are going to Santander with the idea of working hard and bring home those magical 3 points. He commented that there have been other games where they were not bad but just didn't have that special something to win.
His last comments were about the style of play in CD Tenerife, " We have a style and work on this every day. This team has real football skills and with them have managed so far to keep us out of the last three teams who are going down to the second division"

His companion Marc Bertran was also interviewed in the press area in the Mundialito training ground,where he talked about his injury. “I feel better, but I am still missing the rhythm which comes from training every day. I can't say when I will start to play for the team again, this is the most difficult time of my recuperation”.

“I need to insist it is not good to fix a date for my coming back to play”, the Catalan player continued, he followed this thought by saying “I am with the team, but little by little”.

Bertran, lastly, indicated that “We need to improve the away points. Let's see if we can do this soon”, and when asked about the year as a whole he said, “It has been a great 2009 in every aspect. In total a special year a year to remember even if on a personal level there is that but from my accident in Real Madrid.

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