Round up

Héctor Sánchez played his first game in the first Spanish division, against Sporting de Gijón. He said" I lived the sort of debut everyone dreams of in the first division. I couldn't ask for more especailly as we won. I felt proud of the support from the fans. I played well on the field and was really concentrated not to make any mistakes. It is true I neede to ask for the change in that moment I thought more of the team than of myself".

Reservations for tickets for the game this Sunday against Getafe away must be with the club by 2pm this afternoon. The tickets can then be picked up on Friday morning.

The club has reminded us this is the best placing we have had in the first division since Heynckes was trainer here in 96/97. Their information was quoted from here.

In Getafe, Pablo Sicilia played his debut in the first division for Athletico de Madrid on the 19th of February 2006.. When asked about it he said," I hope to be able to celebrate on Sunday a win for Tenerife. Football isn't easy and playing in the first division is very complicated. Sometimes your career takes straight lines and somtimes you need to bend and weave to get where you want to be. The important thing is to fulfill your dreams".

In 2000 Tenerife won against Getafe 0-5 the best result the have ever had in the first division. Gavilán will play the first time against CD Tenerife since he left the team after his time here on the island in 2004-05 when he played here ceded by Valencia.

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