calderon talks afrter loss against CD Marino

Antonio Calderón was interviewed after the game against CD Marino. The CD Tenerife coach commented on the team, “They worked well. There are things that need to be improved and because of this we have the loss but we controlled our rival and they did a good job. We tried various things. Physically they are in good condition and there technical tactics are improving”.
The trainer from Cadiz talked about the match, “They scored from a still ball. We didn't defend the corner well and they scored. The 1-0 could have been avoided. That said the team fought hard, looked for the equaliser, achieved this and I feel a second goal would have been fair but it wasn't to be”.
On this vein Calderon continued. “I can see that the team wants to win, they tried to dominate the rival, they were brave, daring and we need to insist on this. Now we need to correct our errors but we had chances to score. Now we need to correct the mistakes, but we have had clear chances to score and importantly that those chances were generated“.
Concerning the performance of Álvaro Zazo and David Medina, the coach from Andalusia pointed out that “they are players who have arrived later. In a new team we need to integrate them as soon as possible. The minutes that they played were good for them and for the team”.
Lastly he was asked about the signings that are not finalised, Antonio Calderon admitted that “We are missing a minimum of three players still. They are working on this and these games are good to know exactly what positions we need to sign players for. We have this mostly clear and we hope to find what we are missing for the team”, he finished.

On the positive side Melli has left the team, he hasn't signed for anyone else but has terminated his contract with the club.

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