Josmar Zambrano excited to represent his nation.

Josmar Zambrano is a happy man. The CD Tenerife player was informed on Wednesday that he was needed for the national Venezuelan squad against Argentina. The player said that he “hadn't expected to be called up, it is a surprise”.
This all adds to his happiness this season: “I am very happy here in CD Tenerife. There is a good team and we are doing a great job. We hope things will go well, and I hope to be able to add and help the team so we have a good season both for me personally and for the tea,”.
The youth player commented that her is “Looking forward to the chance to play, I know I will need to work hard to get the chance from the coach. We are forming well as a group and the rivalry between us is healthy”, he explained.

When asked again about his going to represent Venezuela, Josmar Zambrano added that, “we all know how strong Argentina is with their great players. I am traveling there with a great desire to be able to take part and represent my country”.
The other footballer interviewed was Kitoko. The midfielder admitted that he was ready to play, “to debut the season. Lets see if it will be this Sunday. I feel well and am here for the coach”.
The blue and white player continued “there have been many changes in the squad, this looks like a good team and our objective is very clear. The league is long and anything might happen but we plan to play our best to make things difficult for the coach to choose who to play”.

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