Wednesday round up

Tenerife is still on the search for an extra forward. Although the club has been in contact with Alcoran Barrera, a local lad, Ponferradina insist they will not sell him.

Alcoran has no buyout clause in his contract and therefore unless the blue and white manager can convince Ponferradina to sell him the club will have to look elsewhere.
"I am happy here", said Alcoran yesterday. "I knew there would be offers this summer" speaking of the teams relegation, "But finally it is up to the club. They have no money troubles and therefore I guess I will be staying in Ponferrada".
The search continues and two names are being spoken right now; Ruben Navarro and Chechu Flores. There is also a rumor about a French passport holding Senegalese player but with no name it is difficult to know how real this is.
In an interview yesterday with Sporting player Ricardo Leon, he affirmed that he was "pleased to have forgiven the money I was owed". He said he had no regrets as for him it was, "a way to show that we all had a bad year and part of the blame was mine, that said it was nothing to do with me what others did". He also assured the media that his injury was improved and he was due to play soon.
Players interviewed today were Cristobal Juncal who reinforced the point of view that the team needs "to play game by game, but weare going all out to win in Gijon". And Terran Tacon who again commented on the fans in the stands last Sunday saying, "I was really happy to see so many fans. It is great to see them so committed to the colours".
Finally great news for Josmar Zambrano, he has been called up by the Venezuelan national squad to play in a friendly against Argentina.

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