Meji calls to the fans to help tomorrow

Meiji is one of the most experienced players in the current CD Tenerife team. The young man talked today in the press room in the El Mundialito training ground about what he sees the season will bring.

Meji began by explaining that "we are at an optimal time to successfully start the first league match. We are eager to start the season well, but we must face every game calmly. It will be important to do well and achieve good results every time we go out on the grass. We will have to work hard to achieve the three points. "

The defender does not hesitate to acknowledge that "I have really wanted and looked forward to trt of the sthis season. One of the goals is that the fans support the team. "

Meji is convinced that sooner or later the work the squad has achieved throughout the summer will show: "The group has progressed a lot in these weeks of the pre-season. This was ideal to make all the pieces fit. "

Another man who spent this Saturday in the pressroom was Ezequiel Luna, who spoke about his future: "I do not know anything, but my head right now is in the CD Tenerife. The intention I had was to continue here and now comes the possibility of changing to another club. "

"This has caught me by surprise, but football has a way of throwing things at you. There seems to be interest from a segunda team. The club always treated me well and everyone knows that I am happy and very comfortable on the island but there is no denying that one hopes to grow. I've said we should wait and see. That clubs look at you is very important for any professional, "he added.
Saturday morning e was the last training session for the week, before the team started the league. Antonio Calderon's men exercised in the Mundialito for about 80 minutes. The practice began at 10.00 hours.

There were warm-up exercises with the ball, tactical movements and football matches in smaller spaces. Outside the group were, Pablo Sicilia and Omar Ramos. All other players are available for this Sunday, in the Heliodoro.

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