I worked hard and managed to score a goal - Nico

Nico the author of the third goal was the player interviewed on Monday in the press room in the Mundialito grounds. The player stated that, “this was our first match in the Heliodoro and when it was my turn to play, I only had the thought to give everything. I worked hard and managed to score a goal and I am pleased with that. The people were outstanding. There were many fans in the stands and we are really pleased to see them there”.
The forward from Murcia hopes “to keep making the fans happy. The 2B division understands nothing about favourites. We won our first game and need to keep going. We will need to win many more to reach our objectives. The season is long and we need to keep out feet on the floor”.
Nico added that, “ We can't stop working ever. We must move from game to game. We are very conscious of the work we have been doing and there are no doubts. This can be seen with the confidence we played with on Sunday”.
Tarantino spoke second and recognised that the group, “feels better every day. Personally I feel I can give more, but we have just started and, started well. I am left with he game we played against Vecindario and I hope we can only improve”.
The blue and white footballer advised that, “you still can't make great judgements as we are still evolving and there needs to pass time until we are an established team”.

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