3-0 win against Vecindario

This was the game every fan wants to start the season. A 3-0 clear win, with goals from three different players. After the trials of last year this was a fresh start. The sun shone, the team had managed to organise an afternoon game and as the players came out onto the field there was a feeling that something special was going to happen.
In the first half Vecindario defended well, not letting Tenerife reach the goal. But after the break the black and green team seemed to relax and two goals in six minutes were the result. Victor Bravo was the first goal scorer with a pass from Perona. The ex Oviedo player then shot the second goal giving the team a bread advantage. The third goal came 30 minutes later with a pass by Ferran Tacon to Nico who has not long been substituted onto the field.. The players celebrated each goal together and seemed content as a group. Vecindario played well but they weren't at CD Tenerife's level.
Coach Calderon stated after the game that “although the game was hard the players controlled the ball”, he rated the game as good but more than that he commented he was pleased how the squad were with each other.
The players interviewed after the game were Victor Bravo and Abel. Victor was please the crown had enjoyed the game and hoped that he “scored more goals”. Abel who played fro the fist time in the Heliodoro said “This was a good result for a game that is like a derby”.
The team is training today Monday, and is off tomorrow. CD Tenerife are third in the table with La Roda and Lugo ahead of them on goal difference.

Game Notes

Sergio Aragones; Cristóbal, David Medina, Tarantino, Jonay; Marcos Rodríguez, Abel (Álvaro Zazo, 63’); Ferrán Tacón, Perona, Víctor Bravo (Nico, 60’); & Kiko Ratón (Germán, 82’).
Santi Hidalgo; David Simón, Badayco, Edu, Fran; Michel (Moisés, 60’), Rubén Coméndez, Yeray López (Derek, 70’), Rubén Quesada; Óscar (Roberto Sánchez, 73’); & Ruymán.
David Jiménez Moreno, from Castilla-La Mancha. Yellow card for visitor Yeary López.
1-0: (47’) Víctor Bravo, from a pass by Perona. 2-0: (51’) Perona, with a shot at goal. 3-0: (81’) Nico, knocked gently into the goal.
Played in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López. The grass was in good condition. On a warm and sunny afternoon. With 8.206 spectators. Santi Hidalgo wore the 13, which is Yan Luis shirt , as the first kit was the same as Sergio Aragoneses.

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