Calderon wants to work with the players who are here now to achieve an away win.

I have that feeling in my Tummy that I get when the team play well. The one I haven't felt for a very long time. The one where you wake up on a Monday morning and the world has an extra shine and work is even inviting. Now it is Friday and we are gearing up for the game on Sunday away in Gijon. The time has been reset to Sunday afternoon 5pm BST as the squad are not returning Sunday night. The first round of the cup is on Wednesday and the team CD Tenerife are playing Cerceda are in Galicia so the plan is to stay the three days, train away and return to the islands after the cup match.
20 players are on the list for coach Calderon. Razak, Sergio Aragoneses, Sergio Rodríguez, Cristóbal, Ayoze, David Medina, Tarantino, Jesús, Jonay, Ferrán Tacón, Nico, Kitoko, Abel, Zazo, Marcos Rodríguez, Víctor Bravo, Germán, Rubén Rosquete, Kiko Ratón & Perona. Kitoko's papers have finally arrived so he is ready to play if the mister decides he is ready. They fly out tomorrow morning from the south direct to Asturias and will train Saturday afternoon at 5pm BST in La Marera where they were due to have played the game on Sunday. Finally they will play in El Molinon, Sporting's main grounds.
Players interviewed today included David Medina who said, “we are very ambitious and really want these three points. The win last Sunday gave us a boost. We need to keep wining as the league is still very much in play”. He continued, “ If we want to to make this count we need to play well, at home and away. The Molinon stadium is impressive. I have had the chance to play there and it is always good to play in bigger grounds. We know it will be difficult but the plan is to go out and every way we can play well and achieve a positive result”.

Coach Calderon in his weekly press interview commented about new players, “up to the 31st of August we can sign someone. Right now we need to concentrate on the game this Sunday. We are going to meet a rival whose players are strong. They are big lads and have played together for a long time. We also need to remember what can happen with a corner or a free kick” said the Andalusian.
“We will try to play the same CD Tenerife that as on the pitch last Sunday. We want to see a committed, organised team. We have respect for our rival but we are going out to win. Kitoko's papers are here so he is another option. I have been thinking hard about the game and as I said we need to focus on the players who are here right now. The need to pull us through”.

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