Pedro Cordero at the presentation of David Medina

Pedro Cordero was there today for the presentation of new player David Medina who joined the team last week. After the medical he rushed to La Palma to take part in the team concentration there. He was presented in the Heliodoro press room today.
David talked about his decision to play for CD Tenerife and how although he had offers for other teams in the higher division and abroad finally he decided to come to Tenerife saying: “I am excited to be here and await the start of the season. It wasn't an easy decision as I had other offers but finally the interest CD Tenerife showed was what made me come here. It is also a big club with a great history and I am happy to play here”.
After the presentation Pedro Cordero was asked some questions and when asked about David Medina said “ he is an experienced player at this level and is convinced by the project we are preparing”. He continued, “it was not easy to persuade him to come as he had other offers but I am sure he will contribute balance and experience to the team”.
The sports director from Murcia then covered the most recent CD Tenerife news saying that,”Some of the players who are in the ERE might end up playing for us. The squad is not complete but we are now all rowing in the same direction so we can solve this problem”.
Cordero, also made reference to local Omar Ramos saying that “he is a player who is important for CD Tenerife and he may well be important on our path out of 2B”.
CD Tenerife, since they have returned from Barlovento, are not complete as a squad for 11/12 Cordero himself said, “some other players may arrive to reinforce the mid-field but we also have chances with the youth teams. Ayoze & Abel are playing well and we are all pleased with them”.
When asked about Zazo the most recent signing, who has still to pass his medical. Pedro Cordero said, “Zazo can play high balls very well and his is good in midfield”.
Finally he commented that the management were happy with the work realised till now and “we will try from the beginning to be at the top of the table in the league”

Don't forget that the next friendly game is in the south against CD Marino in the Los Cristianos stadium at 8.30pm on Wednesday.

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