First away win

A second Monday in a row with my team at the top of the table.What more can any fan ask for. Game by game the team plan to work hard and achieve all our hopes. In a ground that CD Tenerife haven't lost a game, for 8 years, the players went out with the intention to fight hard and win.

And so it was, Richi Kitoko with his first game this season for the blue and whites scored after 8 minutes from an excelent pass by Ferran Tacon. Ferran had to wait until the second half to score himself. Add to the mix a goal from Perona with a shot at the far post and CD tenerife were leaders. this is too early in the season to matter but just for a moment they were there. Only in the closing minutes of the gane when the Canarians were tired did Sporting B look better. They fought back with a goal from Guerrero to bring the final score to 1-3.

Game notes

Sporting de Gijón B: Raúl; Pedro, Gálvez, Alain, Álex Menéndez; Landeira (Carlinos, min. 65), Barrera; Guerrero, Mera (Jara, min. 57), Muñiz; & Álex Serrano (Cruz, min. 65).

CD Tenerife: Aragoneses; Cristóbal, David Medina, Tarantino, Jonay (Jesús, min. 46); Ferrán Tacón, Marcos Rodríguez, Kitoko (Álvaro Zazo, min. 74), Víctor Bravo (Nico, min. 65); Perona & Kiko Ratón.

Referee: Javier González Arévalo, from Galicia, with assistants Alberto Zas Varela & Francisco Javier Rodríguez Campos. Yellow card for Sporting B player Gálvez (min. 36).

Goals: 0-1: (min 8): Kitoko. 0-2: (min 47) Perona. 0-3 (min 53) Ferrán Tacón. 1-3: (min 90) Guerrero.

Incidents: Played in the Estadio El Molinón. Grounds in good condition on a warm afternoon with about 500 spectators.

All the players interviewed were happy but still cautious. Cristobal talked about how winning gave you the energy to go on to the next game. Perona said, "it was easier than we expected, we can score and we played well". David Medina stated, "We need to be careful. We are on the right path but still we should play from game to game". Jesus was not only pleased to have started for the team but also, "sure the more important thing was to win". Marcos Rodriguez, who seems to have the mid-field under control talked about the cup game on Wednesday pointing out, "The Cup is as important as the league".

Coach Calderon was also interviewed after the game. The trainer from Andalucia comented on the fact it hadn't been an easy game, "We worked hard and the players finished very tired. They are hungry to win but this is a long race and we need to remain calm.It helped us that we played in El Molinon but it helped Sporting B as well. Today we are going to celebrate this victory but tomorrow we need to concentrate on the cup".

The cup game is against Cerceda on Wednesday in Galicia at 19.30 Tenerife time.

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