15,000 Season Ticket holders needed

The club announced that the final number of season ticket holders last season was a little over 10,000. The hope is that this number will rise to 15,000 this season. The date for selling the season tickets has been postponed because of the refurbishment to the stadium and hasn't been announced.
In the meeting on thursday the 25th of June Miguel Concepción stated that the last time Tenerife was in the first division they had 12,000 season ticket holders and that he didn't see why they could not reach the 15,000. He then commented that everyone was interested in inowing when the sale would start. He stated that the season tickets would be on of the cheapest in the Primera division, that although they would go up it would not be by much and that the fans would be less than expected.

It has also been announced that Tenerife will not be buying a star player as if he is injured it would leve us with nothing. Better they commented to work at forming a strong block to play well. The sort of players Tenerife are looking for are ones who want to work and to comit themselves to the club.

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