No Pudo Ser - It wasn't to be

This was the quote from Tenerife B's coach. The stadium was fairly full seeing that it was the second team. I would guess about 5,000 in the stands. There was about 20 from Sporting Mahonés in the San Sebastian stand. The Tenerife fans were mostly in the Tribuna alta and baja.

The Blanqiazules and the Armada Sur fan clubs were in their places in the popular stand. There was a lot of singing and clapping to encourage the team on and in the first half they played well with a couple of shots on goal.

In the second half they seemed to tire but they played on valiently until the 92nd minute when Sporting Mahonés player Ruben scored.

Yellow cards were given to local players Julio, Omar Ramos y Rayco; as well as the visitors Sergio, Raúl Capó, Iray, Moyano y Rubén.

Anyone who has ever been to a game will have seen this man and his flag in the popular end often on the field before the game. I was great to sit near him and actually see him wave the flag.

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