We have tickets and other things

I am pleased to say we have tickets for sunday. I am sorry my husband had to wait all night in fornt of the shop in Los Cristianos, but I did offer.

When he got there last night there were already 30+ queueing and by the time I phoned him at 7am this morning there were over 150. Not long after that the police came by and told then to queue in a different line. By the time the shop started selling the tickets there were over 400 people there waiting for tickets. Behind the goal went in 10 mins and the rest were expected to go soon after. there had been people camping outside the stadium since sunday.

The club have anounced that they will sign up the trainer for a further contract from next monday onwards and they are now begining to look at players for next year.

There are rumors about Braulio who played for Salamanca this year and Pablo Sicilia has anouced that his first choice would be to stay with the Club. Nino has at least one more year on his contract. We will see what is to come!!!!
Here is the presentation of the team in Caja Canarias our biggest sponsor.

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