Oltra staying

Entry to last Sundays game courtesy of the club.

What was actually a known secret has actually been announced. Oltra will be staying for the following season. Concepcion yesterday announced that José Luis Oltra will stay with the club for another season.. He will be the first trainer to have ascended with the club and trained them in the first division. If he stays the year he will also have trained the club longer than any other trainer. The longest trainer until now was the present Real Madrid Manager Valdano, who trained the club for two and a half years.

The team is now on holiday until the 20th of July when they come back for summer training. They have their medical checks on the 21st of July and then are off to Barlovento, La Palma for pre-season training. friendly matches will be announced on the club website as they are organised.

The second team are playing the last round of going up to Segunda B the third Spanish round On Sunday at 12:00 o'clock in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López. They lost the away game 2-1 but hope to manage to go up. Armada Sur are organising a bus from the south if anyone is interested in going. Contact them on their website. Link here

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