Going up is what counts

Last nights game had a bittersweet taste to it. Saying goodbye to Cristo the teams captain left the fans drained. The shouts of Cristo we love you went around and around the stadium for over 10 minutes. The team raised him into the air before they allowed him to leave the field. As a player and a person he will be sorely missed by the fans and the club. I and everyone else wish him luck wherever he goes to play in the future. When he is finished playing I hope he will take up the clubs offer of a job. I remember 2 or even 3 seasons ago he was taking classes to be a football coach so maybe this will be his future.
It was fantastic that nino scored a goal which left him as top goal scorer in the league. All the way through the gamje it seemed that at any moment Tenerife could score another goal but the Castellon keeper saved ball after ball.
It was a terrible shame at the end of the game that some fans ran on the field. I hope there will be no stadium ban but what will be will be. The sights of the fans cutting bits of the nets and diging up chunks of grass had to be seen to be believed.
Photos and video to follow

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