Stadium refurbishment announcements

At a meeting this morning the Cabildo and representatives from CD Tenerife announced that there will be a major series of refurbishments to take place in the stadium. The budjet for this work is 3,120,000 euros. This work will be done in 4 phases.
Phase 1
Will repair the bathroom areas the players changing rooms, the rain drainage system,the stadium seating areas, the pathways, the stairs and the roof on the Tribuna stand.
2nd Phase
They will improve the Antifeatro stand (Can anyone tell me where this is?), and underneath it make an office for the club a shop ( wonderful) and a small museum for the club trophies.
3rd Phase
Modify the press area and build a new box in the Tribuna Alta stand" in accordance with the needs of a first division club ... as there is nowhere for visiting dignitaries." 400 seats will be moved and because of this the selling of season tickets will start later to allow the holders on the seats which will be moved to have priority in seat choices.
The last phase
This is for improvements in the San Sebastian stand and there will also be offices built below this stand.

Looks like a busy summer with loads to look forward to.

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