In tribute to Cristo Marrero

I was looking at some of the other blogs I read and there is a smashing report about an event which took place in the Frente Blanqiazul Peña hall. Cristo Marrero was there to be presented with something. This is one of the oldest if not the oldest fan club for Tenerife. Go read about it here Colin Kirby Blog

The morning was quiet for news, on the CD Tenerife website they are reminding season ticket holders for the Tribuna Alta that they can go and see where they now want to sit if they have seats in the area where the new Presidential box will be sited.

The first page says the campaign for season tickets will be starting soon. Friends of mine were in the bank ( Caja Canarias ) this morning and were told the season tickets will be 40% more expensive than last year but I wouldn't take that as gospel as I have heard all sorts of rumors. We will know soon enough.
They state the last 100 commemeration T-shirs are still on sale. 300 were made with the four years the club went up to Primera (The first Spanish Division). They are 75 euros each. As I now have 3 tshirts I have bought in the last month I will not be buying one. Best I like the ont with the 3 year plan from our president which was to be worn for Girona. Although I didn't get there I did wear it in Santa Cruz on the day of the game.

There were also announcements about Tenerife B and what a great season they had. Firstly they won their league and were champions of group 12 of the 3rd division with 81 points They had 21 consecutive wins. Before that the won the Copa Helidoro cup a local Island title.

There was still talk about Crespo in the paper but it seems now that Mora isn't coming.
I will find some more tomorrow.

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