More transfer gossip

There is talk that the club is negotiation with Crespo who plays for Sevilla in their second team. He is a friend of Alfaro and they have shared rooms in the past which should mean we get a good report and should encourage him to come if the clubs come to an agreement. It would be great if we could get an agreement with Sevilla by which they loan us some of their youth players. Getafe seem to have this sort of aranegement with Real Madrid and it has served them well over the last few years.
Season tickets seem to be going on sale the second week in July allowing a week for the club to sort out the moving of the seat holders who are being shifted by the creation of a directors box.
The players had agreed a bonus for going up to the first division and this will be paid in to payments the first in September when the season ticket money is in and the second in December after the club has received the television money. This payment will aparently be 60% of the years budget which has been stated as 20 million euros.
The club has stated the season tickets will include the Real Madrid and Barcelona games and there will be no extra payment required. The club has stated that seat prices will go up but not for season ticket holders.

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