CajaCanarias and online tickets.

The club has announced that Season tickets will go on sale from the first of July and that there will be 15000 available. They actually sold a little over 9,000 last year so this will be a big jump if they manage to sell them all. It has been announced that the cost will be the minimum. How much that actually is is still to be announced but I would guess we will know in the next few days. Also announced was that they will try to make buying them as easy as possible. There were interest free loans last year so maybe that will be available this year as well.
It was also announced in the presentation of the club in Caja Canarias that there is a plan in motion for tickets to be available for sale online next season. As CajaCanarias have a ticket selling business this seems only plausible. It will help residents in the North and the South of the Island. From the Stadium you can choose the seats that are available but in the other selling locations you can only choose form the tickets they have been given.
When is comes to transfers the AS has announced that in an interview with Braulio he has said he would only transfer to Tenerife. Tiro Federal Eziquel Luna's team seem very keen to sell him. They have announced they are awaiting an offer from CD Tenerife and perhaps they have put the price too high.

Tickets behind both goals have completely sold out and the rest are expected to sell during the week.

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