This weeks game will be played in the Estadio Juegos Mediterráneos on Sunday the 17th of January at 4pm CET. The referee is Velasco Carballo, who CD Tenerife have won twice and drawn once with.
The players will be flying to the mainland on Saturday and returning after the game on Sunday. The charter plane was also available to fans for 199 euros.

Wednesday' player interviews were with Pablo Sicilia & Ricardo León In the press room in the Mundialito training ground. Their main comment was the need to move on and concentrate on Sunday's upcoming game

Pablo Sicilia commented on the fact that away they had only managed one draw and that they need to change the run of bad luck they have had away as soon as possible. He affirmed the need to compete at the highest level and look for a positive result.
When he was asked about various injured players he cold only reply "we need to respect the decisions that our trainer makes " continuing that "my first goal is still to come this season. I hope it will come soon and be part of our victory"

Ricardo León, on the other hand started talking about the fact the team was up to now in the same position and still not in relegation, He hoped that they would stay where they are and not go down this year. he then said " Almeria is a very motivated team with their new coach, they have had great results with the new trainer"
Lastly the player from Tenerife commented that their style of play wouldn't change " We don't look further then the next rival. I don't think that we should change our game as visitors. We need to remain true to our style of play"

On Thursday Juanlu Hens & Ezequiel Luna were interviewed in The press room in the Heliodoro Rodríguez López stadium. Both the player from Cordoba and the Argentinian talked of Sundays game and their hopes for a win.

"We need to travel with clear minds and just think in a positive result" declared Juanlu hens. The tenerife footballer confessed that " we gain nothing thinking about the bad run we have had away. Now we are going to Almeria, a direct rival, and this is an important game. So we are going to make the best of it."

Juanlu then commented on " the dynamics of the season is how you escape the relegation positions and race to the end." when asked about his injuries he commented that he was " optimistic and hope to be ready when the trainer picks me"

For his part Ezequiel Luna explained that " we are working well and are thinking about Almeria. Both teams need the points and I hope we will be coming home with them. The numbers tell that we need to improve away, but we always go out to win and things just haven't worked out the way we wanted so far.

The Argentine defender hoped " the bad run we have had will end as soon as possible. In the changing rooms you need to fight for your position to play each week, but you also need to be patient and go on working. Any mistake can cost us a gaol and then everything is more difficult"

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