Start of the second half of the season.

The home game against Zaragoza today is the start of the second half of the season. CD Tenerife is short 4 points of the 23 points the club hoped we would have by the half way mark to maintain our position in the Spanish first division.
The game today is very important it is a direct rival which we lost 1-0 to away in Zaragoza in August 2009. Their goal was by Arizmendi in the second half. Hojuan Martin martinpefully the team can have their revenge today.
The players choosen for the line up are Luis García, Sergio Aragoneses, Culebras, Marc Bertrán, Juanlu, Pablo Sicilia, Kome, Ayoze, Román, Mikel Alonso, Manolo Martínez, Ricardo, Richi, Ezequiel Luna, Alfaro, Dinei, Ángel & Nino. We will see who gets to play. For the first time this season not a sngle players is on the sick list and trainer Jose Luis oltra could choose the players he really wanted without haveing to balance who was missing.

There will be 1 minutes silence for ex-tenerife player Juan Martín Martín who played in the team twice(1954-1957 & 1962-64) he died in Santa Cruz de Tenerife at 74 Years old. His posicion on the field was on the wing, on both sides.

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