Tenerife played on Sunday and lost. That is a how game went but it goes no where near describing the effort the players put into the game and the chances they had. The first 20 minutes of the game CD Tenerife dominated the play and had 3 shots at goal, unfortunately they didn't go in. Messi then proved why he was player of the year with a hat trick and additional goals, a suberb header from Puyol and a shot from our home grown Pedro finally knocked in as a home goal by Luna made the final result 0-5 by Barcelona. Nethertheless the CDT players tried their best and fought to the end. All the subs came on and tried hard including Dinei who just doesn't seem to have managed to adapt to Jose Luis Oltra's game. Talking of Dinei I have said before and no doubt will say again that I do not understand why fans would whistle and boo their own players.
The game had a bitter sweet feeling as some of the fans turned on others, shouting and abusing them. This doesn't make for a great atmosphere an is sad in itself. I have read on a couple of forums that no one should have clapped either Messi's third goal or the entrance of Pedro but can't see either myself. If Real Madrid fans can clap Ronaldino in their own stadium when he was a Barcelona player then surely CD Tenerife fans can clap Messi.

As to not supporting Pedro this is just silly. The boy is from here he grew up in Arico played for local team Raqui San Isidro and had the skill to play in FC Barcelona. He has proved this year to be one of the worlds most talented players. The only one to have scored in 6 championships in one year. If supporting him makes me a s*** fan then so be it.

Tenerife B continue to be out of he lst positions with a win against Vecindario and Airam has now scored 21 goals. It is worth bearing in mind his contract runs out in the Summer and I hope Santiago Llorente manages to get him to sign up again.

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