Rest day today

After a ninety minute training session yeaterday in The Mundialito stadium yesterday the players are off today. Tomorrow Wednesday, they will again train in the Mundialito stadium from 10am.
Tickets for Sunday's game will go on sale from Thursday morning in the stadium, the Liberia in Playa de las Americas and in the Bar Canario, in Puerto de la Cruz.

Interviews with players this week included so far Richi, Kome and Juanlu.

Richi is one of the most experienced players in the CDT team so when he talks he is always clear. "We don't like the position the team is in on the classification table. That is logical. But the way the table is right now is very tight. We need to move day by day. We have enough things to be optimistic." These words don't leave place for doubts.
When asked about the last game, the mid fielder explained that in Almeria we were serious. But we didn't hide: perhaps for a few moments we were missing long passes into attack. But anyway we were near a win and that is never a time to go crazy attacking."
Richi showed himself to be optimistic about the game as " we have one point more that before the game. I need to insist that this team can do great things. There are a lot of games left and the competition is very level. For those teams who just came up it is always more difficult, though this team doesn't need to be jealous of the teams just above us." The mid fielder discussed the game against Valencia which he sees as "Valencia is a great team, with wonderful footballers. We will see once again how we can do at home in our stadium with the support of our fans."

Daniel Kome stated that “This is the moment to stand together and help each other more to get out of relegation. It was a shame we couldn't win. I had the chance to score the 0-2 and just after they equalised. I would have been enchanted to have scored.”

For the player from Cameroon it is clear that “now is the time to continue working and demonstrate we are a strong team. The group is strong and in my case I am starting again to get a good feeling.”

Kome remembered again that “in the Heliodoro, with the support of our people, we are very strong. I hope the rest of the season we will be luckier than we have been up to now.”

Juanlu offered some opinions similar to Kome: “The analysis of what happened in Almeria has to be positive, because we have gained another point away. Independent to the classification it is the moment to have more confidence in our work. We have to forget what the classification says and centre ourselves in the game against Valencia.” He claimed “I felt really good during the game even with the niggles I had during the week.”

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