Marc Bertran back at last.

The right defender Marc Bertran is back to playing for the Club Deportivo Tenerife team for the first time since his injury during the Real Madrid game last September. A broken ankle after a foul by Dutch player Royston Drenthe left him several months on the bench. Trainer Jose Luis Oltra has finally picked him as fit to play for the game in Almeria. The team departed this afternoon for the Costa Brava for the game Sunday afternoon.

"I am good to play or at least I feel fit. I am pleased by the support that I have been show by the fans and the club. I am completely ready with a need to play after so much time off." stated the Catalan player yesterday when interviewed by Marca a Spanish sports paper.

In the time Marc was sick the trainer from Levante has tried various players in his place including Ezequiel Luna and his theoretical substitute the young Aitor Nunez. When this hasn't worked he has taken midfielder Juanlu Hens back to try to fill the place.

Looking for a strong defence.

When the team position is analysed he is concious" we have been missing a little luck, we have not been solid in defense or scored whn we got to the goal." also when asked about tomorrows game he commented "the best would be if we can score an early goal."

Jose Luis Oltra has also recovered Juanlu Hens from the injury bench so the probability is they will play together as this coupling gave great results last season. On the down side Omar Ramos is still not able to play with leg muscle injuries.

There is a certain mmout of superstition in reference to away games with one fan going back to watch the game in a bar where he watched the Valladolid game where CDT scored one point with a draw and two other Armada Sur fans not going to watch the game at all as they didn't watch the Valladoild game. I hope this works out and the team manage by what ever means luck superstition or otherwise to find 3 points to bring back to Tenerife.

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