Thoughts for a new year

There has been a lot of talk on various forums including the Armada Sur one about how badly the team is playing and if they continue to play like this they will go down. This is certainly possible. For those of us who have been going to support CDT this year is going to be fabulous what ever the final position. Don't get me wrong I would love the team to say up and will support them to the end however they play. I hated the way they whistled at Manolo in November. However they will still be my team and I will still be going to see them play even if next year it was in the second division as we have for years.
The club had serious financial problems 3 years ago and when Miguel Concepción stood for president he made promises. Promises he has kept. He promised we would consolidate, we did. He promised that in 3 years we would go up to the first division, we have. And when we went up this year he has promised we will stay up. Anyone with knowledge about the club knows we still have large financial debts, less that thre years ago but still debts. This means we have difficulties when it comes to buying players. Nino came on loan and only after he proved he could make it with us did the club buy him.
The new players this year Roman is on loan as Espanol has too many non-Europeans, Dinei came from an major injury and Bellvis came up from Elche in the second division. Alfaro coming back on loan was regarded as a miracle. Other than this the team renewed what they had and got on with it. And they have done well until now. Away games have always been a struggle. 3 seasons ago we went nearly the whole year without an away point. If our home ground wasn't such a fortress we would have been in segunda B.
We can make this if we all pull together but the team needs to feel we support them. Hopefully Santigo Llorente will manage to buy or find two or three players to support the team. But most of all we need to support the players and be there at every game cheering them on. See you Sunday.

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