Interviews after the game

Trainer Jose Luis Oltra was interviewed after the game on Sunday against Valencia in the press room of the Heliodoro Rodriguez Lopez stadium. "A point against Valencia has to be judged by its merits. I want to thank the team for their effort and the fans for their support. That was how he started his interview with the press. He lamented the bad luck the team had with their shots at goal but final lack of goal.
"Cesar deprived us of a win." he added. "We were better than our rival in places exceptionally. We had more chances. We had the ability to reach the goal and shots on goal. Last season we had games where we were lucky, but this year you can't say that about any game. I hope this run will change. Football has a debt to CD Tenerife. But we can do little more to win and more so against a team like Valencia. We are strong at home and have shown that again today."
" I am happy that the players have gone out to compete. The defence line has worked more and even that Valencia has a great set of forwards. Our rival had chances they made themselves not that we gifted them" explained the Tenerife trainer.

Following this line Oltra said "I am happy with the play by Alfaro and Nino who both had chances. Alfaro played today perhaps his best game. Last year he could score with his eyes closed and this year it is harder because we are in a league with better keepers and better defenders. I can't reproach Nino for anything either"

“I know Unai said we have the team to be higher in the league. Others think the same”, stated José Luis Oltra.

“In the end talk of Justice or injustice is very subjective. But I believe that the clear occasions were for us. We were close to a victory. I understand that Valencia will go home with happy with the point. We are too, but less than them”, he finished.

The players commented:
Marc Bertrán: “We showed the best defence, above all in front of a rival with a rival with speed and quality. We are content with the game. I believe we deserved to win. We had three clear chances. We need to keep on working and have confidence that luck will come. defensively in Almeria we were good and today was the same. The pity is the missed chances. No team comes to Tenerife for an easy game. I am starting to pick up rhythm, litle by little recovering sensations”.

Luna: “We could have won in spite of playing the Great Valencia. We knew how to wait out our rival and had great chances. We left our goal clear.We need to go on working. Now we have nothing to do but think about the next game and continue fighting to carry on. CD Tenerife played a great game in every line and was only missing a goal. We put to the test a great rival with great players and it came at a moment when we were in great form”.

Román: “I felt good and was confortable out there. Today we gave everything to the game. We can look ourselves in the eye and say we played a great game. We are left with a bitter taste because we deserved the three points. I train every day to be called for the squad. It could be that it was the best CD Tenerife game this season, good in every line but we were unlucky. But this is the right path. Next week will be a great game.”.

Ángel: “We are sad to leave today as we deserved more. It is not easy to have so many chances against a team like Valencia. Against Barcelona more or less the same thing happened. The chance Alfaro had was the clearest.I hope soon we will have a run of luck. If any of these shots had gone in the game would have been ours above all because we were completely solid in the back today. Now we need three points against Zaragoza which are very important.”

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