Interview with Jose Luis Oltra

José Luis Oltra was pleased with the result in Almeria. The CD Tenerife trainer offered his reflections of the game in a press conference after the match on Sunday in the Juegos Mediterráneos stadium. He insisted again that the players had played well and to the best of their abilities.

Oltra repeated that the game can be seen as “positive”, showing that “we have been a long time without an away pointand today we made on against a good team . We have recovered our abilities, above all in defense, where things have been difficult. perhaps our mobility was not the best. We didn't make the most of the time where our opponent only had 10 players but I saw a CD Tenerife serious and commited to the game, both in the first and second half. We started out winning and obliged Almeria to make an enormous effort. We almost made the score 0-2 with the shot on goal by Kome then they scored to make it 1-1. But I want to repite we played at a good level. The draw is important and I hope it will be a point of change for the rest of the season .”

The Tenerife trainer insisted that “The scores are measured in June. I know that away we are not winning, but we have made a lot of effort to come this far. Today we were serious, but I understand we need to aspire to more. Just two points away in the first half is preoccupying, but we are working to improve these results. Starting from a secure defense we have gone out to compete. We have fallen into the last 3 places but we still have half a league to compete. Knowing that at home we are strong and supported by our fans. I ask for patience and for us to use our heads. The most important thing is that the team doesn't doubt.”.

When Oltra was asked about his teams position in the last three places. The coach recognised that “Knowing the environment you could argue that having not been in the relegation positions up to now could play aginst us. i hope that things don't blow up. You need to go out to win every game. I am calm as I see a group with a desire to compete and win.”

“This afternoon the team worked, if we put on one side the goal they scored. If we defend in other games this way we have a chance to score more away points ”, he finished.

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