Player interviews after the game in Almeria

Interviews with the players after the game in Almeria included Alfaro, Marc Bertran, Ricardo Nino and Richi:

Alfaro: "This point feels like very little. The game was tough. Some of the time we played a great game but in one encounter they scored a goal. Then we played with one more for their red card and could have won. We finished tired as we ran a lot. Now we need to go on fighting and think how to win the next game".

Marc Bertran: " It was a shame, but we played a full game, we played our best. The 1-1 caught us disorganised. We have at least broken the run of losses and it was an away point against a direct rival. I am happy about the way the team played. Personally I finshed the game very tired, its four months since I played and you can tell".

Ricardo: " We need to go on slowly. Today we tried with all our efforts. We had our chances, with one man more than our rivals we had chances to win. But any point is good without leting go of the fact a win is what really counts".

Nino: They made the most of theis chances when the ball still. We tried to kill the game and this is how Almeria managed to score. We need to keep working the same as we did up to now. I would like to be further up the table, but we knew in advance that this was a year to suffer."

Richi: " It leaves a bad taste after being up 0-1. In the second half we suffered loads but we had a chance for the 0-2. After the sending of we had the ball more under control, but it was difficult to get to the goal. They couldn't get to us but we couldn't get the ball in play. Still it is an away point and the team has reasons you should have confidence in them."

Interestingly in an interview after the Valencia - Villareal game, David Villa counted the points which he expected his team to have at the end of the first half of the season, including 3 more for next weeks game. You know what they say about counting chickens.

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