Interview with Alejandro Alfaro & Pablo Sicilia

Alejandro Alfaro & Pablo Sicilia where the palyers interviewed today Saturday in Santander after training in La Maruca.
The player from Onubense, on one side, stated that the plan is to start out “empezar the new year on a good foot and win the first thre points away. We want to make the fans happy and ourselves”.

And for Alfaro, a victory “would be threefold”, given that this is a direct rival. “There are many incentives for this weekend and we hope for a good result. Right now we have a different calander, with the best teams against us at home y and away playing aginst direct rivals. We need to gain some points against Santander and Almeria in the next two away games”, he added.

In reference to the Santander team, the ‘21’ from CD Tenerife assured “They are having a lot of problems at home, y parecen sentirse más cómodos a domicilio. Debemos aprovecharlo, if we control our game, and are concentrated from the begining, we can correct previous errors and take the game”.

Pablo Sicilia, for his part, started his interview confessing that “Now we wish to start the new year with an away win, something we have been chasing since the beginning of the season and lets see if against Racing de Santander we are capable of achiveing this.”, an objective that will ne be easy as “our rival is looking to get out of the same position”.

When asked about the important points of the game, the Gran Canarian indicated that “we need to make sure, by all means, to play a good game, go out with our home spirit and try to make no mistakes. They are a difficult rival and we are concient that winning in El Sardinero will not be an easy job, but going all out we can achieve these three points”.

Sicilia, who conceded that “we need to keep our goal at zero and try make the most of our chances”, he concluded with his wish for 2010. “For the new year I wish for health and that Tenerife stays in the first division.”.

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