Ricardo & Juanlu

Ricardo León y Juanlu Hens were the two players interviewed on Monday the 4th of January after the players finished their training session in La Maruca in Santander.

The Canarian footballer on one side commented that " we need to improve our points from here to the end of the first half. This can't happen again. We need to improve various aspects of our game although we did some things well". He then tried to raise hopes by saying "time is passing and we are recovering although this last loss was hard". When asked about the FC Barcelona game he said that " we are going to play the best team in the world,but it will be in our stadium where we are strong and we will need to show this one more time".

Juanlu Hens, then said, “ I consider that in general terms, the team did a good job, but in 5 minutes they scored two goals which cost us the loss. We need to go on working peacefully. At the moment we were playing best they scored and then we couldn't come back”.

“We are committed and hopeful that we will finish the first round and start the second round in good form”, added the player from Cordoba , he then concluded that “Barcelona is a very complicated rival, the best team right now. We need to show then the most difficult game we can, to make them uncomfortable. We need to go out to play committed and of course give away nothing”, he finished.

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